It’s ok to want more! 

Let’s get you the soulmate and the pleasure filled sex life you truly desire.


It’s ok to want more! 

Let’s get you the soulmate and the pleasure filled sex life you truly desire.



Hi, I’m Mathilde.

Your Sex, Love and Relationships expert.

I’m also a world traveler, pleasure seeker, emotion worshipper, and I’m 100% dedicated to helping you get the relationship and sex life you deeply desire. 


“I could have never imagined that this beautiful coaching journey would change my vision of life.”


Work With Me

You really want a relationship and wondering why it’s taking so long?

 There might be some unconscious blocks that stand between you and your ideal partner. 


Wondering if my coaching is right for you? 

Apply for a free discovery call!

For about an hour, we’ll discuss your unique situation and I’ll give you laser focused advices to help you attract the amazing partner you deserve. Whether we decide to work together or not, you’ll walk away with much more clarity around your love life and insightful advices from an expert (me!) on the best strategy to get the relationship you truly desire. 

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