Sexually empowered is the new sexy!

After thousands of years of repression, shame, disgrace and ignorance, it is time for you, to reclaim your pleasure fully! 

Because it’s your birthright, and because a woman connected to her sexuality is free, powerful and limitless!

You’re at the right place if:

You’re at the right place if:

  • You’re single and think you need someone else to be fulfilled sexually. Let me prove you wrong, love! 😉
  • You can’t orgasm with a partner
  • You can’t orgasm by yourself
  •  You don’t dare asking for what you want sexually.
  • You lack libido, don’t feel turned-on.
  • You wonder if there’s more to what you’re usually experiencing sexually 
  • You heard about tantric sex, mind-blowing orgasms, sex magic, etc and don’t want to be left out! 
  • Your sex life is cool but you want more pleasure, more freedom, more sensations!
What you can get from working with me (depending on what YOU want to explore) :
What you can get from working with me (depending on what YOU want to explore) :
  • Freedom to experiment whatever you’re into by releasing the shame related to conditioning (from family, society, religion…)
  • Connect to your Pu$$Y, her power, her wisdom
  • Learn how to self-pleasure in new exciting ways
  • Full-body orgasms
  • Be able to connect with a partner deeply while making love by staying fully present and open
  • Get confident asking for everything you want in the bedroom
  • Experience orgasm, multiple orgasms, probably in ways you never experienced before
  • Sexual aliveness and fulfillment whether you’re single or in a relationship
  • Unleash your turn-on and learn how to use this energy for health, healing and manifestation
  • Learn tantric energetic practices 
  • Be able to surrender, receive and relax more
  • Yoni egg practices 
  • Get rid of body shame

Here’s what my clients say :

Here’s what my client say :

” This 3 months coaching helped me improve my relationship skills. I feel a sense of inner safety, love, appreciation and respect for myself that wasn’t there before. I also gained a lot of clarity.

In the past, I was into self-sabotage, self-criticism, feeling unloveable at times, which prevented me from reaching the level of intimacy, of physical and emotional connection with a partner that I was seeking.

In my new relationship, I didn’t fall in love, I rise in love! With a lot more grounding, more maturity. I feel the love my partner has for me, a sweet passionate love that I had never experienced before in my life because I was unable to receive it. Now when he compliments me I receive, I let it in, and suddenly I find myself beautiful, cool, interesting. The coaching I did with Mathilde had a ripple effect beyond my relationship: I am now able to feel people’s appreciation in my life.”

Emma, France

“Mathilde is great! She leads you by the hand to navigate smoothly and consciously through your emotions, she helps you identify and heal them if needed. Her guidance has been excellent, very accurate. She makes you feel free and confident right from the beginning, I definitely think she was born to do this. I recommend Mathilde 1,000%.”
Karinna, Mexico

“Thanks to the coaching, I have more confidence in myself, I feel more aligned with my desires and I am able to express who I am and what I really want.

I got rid of heavy blockages. I used to be very picky and not see men I like around me. Now I’m sure there are men out there who I can love and appreciate, and I have regained trust in them.

I haven’t found my soulmate yet but I have found love for myself and pleasure to fully expressing it. Now I’m sure that I’ll get the beautiful partnership I desire, and that I just have to enjoy life to the fullest in the meantime.”

Anaïs, France

“I could have never imagined that this beautiful coaching journey would change my vision of life. Before I started working with Mathilde, I was confused about what I wanted in life and relationship-wise.

In the beginning, I found it very difficult to face my problems and to express my feelings but Mathilde is a person that I felt I could trust since the first session and it really helped. She guided me through all the sessions with a lot of love, kindness, and wisdom. 

I began with the idea that I needed someone else’s love to feel complete and I ended up loving my true self. To be honest, I didn’t see any real changes at the beginning but as we kept working together I realized that I was becoming a different person: I was paying more attention to myself, to my feelings, I was expressing my thoughts and feelings in front of people with more ease and confidence, and I started to get very clear about what I wanted in my love life.

I stopped judging myself so harshly, I appreciate my achievements, my knowledge, my kindness, and all the beautiful things about me that I couldn’t see before.

Now I can see all these changes in my life, in the way I express myself without a mask and I feel free. I know what I want in my love life and I now know that I deserve it, so I know for sure I will find true love.

Of course, it was difficult for me to invest so much in my coaching but it was totally worth it because this journey gave me clarity and truth, and with those, it feels easy to make my life happy and easy!

The coaching methodology Mathilde uses is like a river… it flows…sometimes it’s peaceful and sometimes it’s like a waterfall and lots of feelings come up…It’s a perfect combination of communication, exercises, and meditations.

I’m so grateful for the work we did together.

Mariella, Italy

Mathilde is a rare find. It was serendipitous how I came to find her and I am thankful I did. Meeting her was like entering a “portal of grace”, her energy elicits a loving energy within you and it brings you closer to what’s alive inside of you, it’s truly a gift.

I was able to see my behaviors with compassion and love. Mathilde brings not only beautiful intuition and deep compassion to her coaching but also true equanimity, authentic presence and joyful warmth to the process. It’s a journey like no other!”

Alejandro, USA